Monday, September 11, 2006

Mmmm... Pizza!

In my travels I've noticed the best pizza is usually what you get by asking the locals about their favorite pizza place. Recently in Little Rock I was guided in the right direction by some great nurses at Arkansas Children's Hospital. They suggested Shotgun Dan's and were they ever right! It was exceptional, and I would definitely return. I would however remember that you want to bring your appetite, as they don't skimp on the toppings or flavor.

Locally, we have a very good pizza restaurant that creates some interesting combinations besides the same old cheese and pepperoni. Upper Crust Pizza Co. is probably the best in my area. They accomplish the right balance of crust, sauce, cheese, toppings and herbs to get a filling but not overly greasy pizza.

The best pizza I've ever eaten was at BJ's in Lahina in Maui. It had the perfect blend of all the above, with a nice complement of beverages such as Pog. It was there I became addicted to this delightful blend of fruit juice that I've attempted to replicate at home, but never get it quite as good as it was there. Oh and the location didn't hurt things either.

Another one that ranks probably not far behind BJ's is Asheville Pizza & Brewing Company. Their menu is entertaining to read, and while sometimes that can mean a restaurant is too busy building the atmosphere these guys do not disappoint on the food. The place hums with activity and excitement, the decorating is quirky but cool, and its a multi-purpose destination. They serve great pizza and it hosts a movie house and a huge game room. The owners really took advantage of a great old movie theater location and use it to it's potential. Besides, any place that in addition to good pizza serves a William Shatner Quesadilla (Nothin' but cheese) and a Royale with Cheese can't be all bad!

While the big chains can make a consistently pretty good pizza, and in instances like Pizza Hut's Cheese Bread a rather tasty dish, they just can't quite compare to the tasty delights that come from a good local pizzeria.

On a side note, our travels have been a bit limited as of late, but they will be resuming soon. More trips + More good food = More posts!

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John Galt said...

Tried the Upper Crust. Very good.