Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Disappearing Act

I haven't completely given up this blog or disappeared forever. No, I've just been a bit sidetracked and not really into the proper frame of mind to spend a little time sharing some good eats and good roads.

The disappearance is over, at least I hope it is.

While my travels have been rather limited as of late (that's a simple way to put it,) my sampling of eats both exceptional and not quite edible has continued. I've found one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches on the planet, and the secret is simple. It's cooked on a grill where they cook hamburgers and chicken breast all afternoon, plus eggs and bacon in the morning. The flavor brought from the grill make all the difference, because they use a merely adequate bread and cheese. (Add some of the bacon cooked on the same grill to that sandwich and mmmmm that's some serious love there, children.) I'm afraid to think of when the grill was last really cleaned, but that's somewhere I just try to not let my mind go as I watch them slap the cheese onto my hot sandwich.

I also always thought it would be difficult to make green beans completely inedible. I was wrong. Number one rule of any food is it should not taste like kerosene. Enough said about this unpleasant memory.

You can't go wrong with fresh fruit, good quality yogurt and good granola. Toss together and eat for any meal, any time.

I don't care if it takes longer, mashed or creamed potatoes belong SKIN OFF. Period. I can eat them if they're served skin-on, but ask any real southerner. They'll tell you that there shouldn't be skins still in that mess of potatoes.

Just a few lessons learned while sharing my space with the Arkansas Childrens Hospital. I've learned so many more but these little culinary related bits I thought were worthwhile to share here.

More travels and treats to come soon!


John Galt said...

Good to have you back.

Syl said...

Hey Lorrie! Hope you guys are doing well. I enjoy reading your blog when I have a minute. Did you ever get to try Damgoode Pies in Little Rock? Awesome pizza!We all want to plan a visit when everyone is up to it! love you both, sib

Lorrie said...

The only real food we got was Taco Bell (twice!), Chilis once and Shotgun Dan's. The rest of the time it was mostly hospital grub. They do make a mighty fine grilled cheese. :)

Doing better every day here, just give us a yell anytime, we'd love to see you guys!