Friday, October 13, 2006

And Sometimes the Good Eats Come to You

Due to a recent hospital stay, my husband and I have received a few gourmet and snack baskets. It's been a great opportunity to try out some new gourmet goodies that I otherwise might have skipped on the shelves. Many florists look for local vendors with unique food and gift items to create a variety you won't find off the shelf of most chain grocery stores. The ones we received were no exception. Since some of these regional treats may be worth seeking out, I'll share what we've sampled so far.

Toblerone, Chocolate Bar with Almond & Honey Nougat - A treat I indulged in as a teenager as the Swiss Colony shop that was once in our local mall sold them. They're still good, but not as amazing as I remember as a kid.

Otis & Betty's, Snack Mix - There's about 3 varieties in my pantry now, and the only one I've tried thus far is "Meet Jack." It's an odd mix of savory & sweet, so the verdict is still out on this one. (They do not have a website that I can find so far.)

Janis & Melanie, Cheese Straws - For the cheese lover who likes a real kick, these supposedly southern traditional snack are spectacular. They have just enough heat to get your attention without sending you running for the nearest cold drink. Very tasty and worth finding! (They too are in the internet dark ages.)

Brent & Sam's, Gourmet Cookies - These you can get in our area at Kroger, but in limited varieties. While they're not home-made in taste, their unique flavors are quite exceptional. I wouldn't have bought the Chocolate Chip Pecan but they are good. They're usually aren't worth the $4 a box they cost at Kroger, but if they're on sale and it's the Key Lime White Chocolate and I'm experiencing a moment of weakness... there are circumstances that come into play.

I have a whole pantry full of other goodies just waiting to be enjoyed, so as I find things worth noting I'll do just that.

Oh yes, there was this cute sugar cookie that looked like a sunflower in one basket. It was one of those individually wrapped icing coated cookies, I'm sure you've seen them before. I know I'd have chipped a tooth if I'd tried to eat the middle; the icing was that hard. I suggest you let those remain pretty on the shelf and save yourself the dental work.

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John Galt said...

Yes, sometimes good things come to you. Hope you folks are doing better.