Monday, October 16, 2006

Totally Off-topic

I'm adding this merely because I can.
Oh and because I cannot wait for this movie to come out. It looks ridiculously cute and funny. The soundtrack should be fantastic too.

What is all this nonsense that's not food or travel related? (It requires me to leave home and go to a theater. That's travel I suppose.) Here's a website explaining it all.

So as not to be totally off-topic, I did try the Otis & Betty's snack mix "Original" flavor and within a day the entire bag was gone. It was that good; a really nice mix of sweet & spicy that I thought was a little off in the "Meet Jack." I still have "BBQ" to try. Will sample and post more on that later.


John Galt said...

Hope you enjoy the movie.

John Galt said...

Not a bad idea to expand your topics like this. I would like to know your thoughts on whatever is on your mind.

christine said...

Hi Lorrie! I hope you still remember me (gypsysoul from DD). :) I just wanted to wish you a Happy new year and let you know that while I'm pretty quiet most times, I love to lurk in your blog. I really enjoy your posts and I promise to be a better commenter in 2007! Btw, I enjoyed Happy Feet! Did you?

Lorrie said...

Lurking is always allowed! :)

I wasn't as impressed as I expected to be with Happy Feet. It was cute and funny, but a little heavy on the "message" side. I was expecting something more lighthearted like Madagascar or Over the Hedge, both of which I thought were better.

The Christmas Caper, a short included on the DVD with Madagascar is hilarious, and more what I suppose I expected Happy Feet to be like.