Monday, June 04, 2007

Hannah's BBQ

My rating: 4 stars
Located in Lenoir, North Carolina, Hannah's BBQ has the single best hush puppies I have ever eaten. Ever. Anywhere. They're really that good. The bbq pork is vinegar based and very North Carolina style. It has a bit of bite but is tasty. The chicken is moist and falls off the bone, no knife required.

But those hush puppies... I could sit and eat them all day long.

Cons: Small restaurant, don't order the water.
Pros: Best Hushpuppies anywhere. Oh and the bbq is pretty good too.

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Anonymous said...

I grew up in Lenoir and have to say Hannah's has the best BBQ I've ever had. The chopped pork is just absolutely delicious and you are right - they also have some of the best hushpuppies I've ever had. The place doesn't look like much from outside (older, small, outside bathroom), but boy oh boy - the food!!