Sunday, February 04, 2007

Following my own advice

In earlier posts I've mentioned that eating "in" is the new way to eat "out." People are busy, and cooking is a duty (or pleasure) that falls by the wayside for many. I like cooking and find it relaxing, yet sometimes it's a fun challenge.
My advice for finding a new restaurant was to make a menu for the week and just start cooking. As my dear husband has pointed out to me, I haven't exactly followed that recommended plan. So I decided again this weekend that next week we'll eat at home a lot more. I made out a flexible menu for the week and headed off to procure what ingredients were missing. I decided to double the fun and try at least one or two new recipes. Again this came from the encouragement of my husband, that or he was just trying to find a way to reclaim space on the DVR. My refusal to let him delete new episodes of Good Eats might have been a bit of a motivator, so we are going to try a new recipe compliments of the program.

Tonight I thought I'd whip up a loaf of Whole Wheat Bread, thanks to my trusty new Blendtec blender. For the first time, the blender let me down. Maybe it was the recipe, or maybe it was my interpretation thereof. Either way, when you manage to overheat the Blendtec, something seriously is not right.

I hope the new recipes for the week go far better than tonight's experiment.

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