Sunday, February 18, 2007

Spam & Steak

I went on a short trip for the day to Memphis. I had tickets to see Spamalot at the Orpheum this afternoon. For a Monty Python fan, it's fantastic fun; for others not so much. Maybe it would be fun to the Python unacquainted, but I've been keen on their work for so long I can't recall what it's like to not laugh at their antics. It's not a musical for the whole family if your family includes kids. This one is for the adults with a slightly off sense of humor. Anyway, if an opportunity to see it comes along, I highly recommend the show. It's time well spent.

Afterward I went to dinner at Texas de Brazil. It's a smaller chain that is made with the carnivore in mind. Vegetarians might want to skip this meat-lovers palace. It's a Churrascaria, also known as a Steakhouse. There isn't a menu. Huh? Really, there is no menu. Forget buffets, this puts any other "buffet" to shame. For starters, there's a salad bar with a range of tastes that is far from what you'd expect to find on a mere "salad bar." I sampled the cheeses they offered and the grilled provolone was an interesting, tasty idea. The lobster bisque was quite good as well. After nibbling my way through what I'd call more of a sampler bar, the meats arrived. They bring out huge metal skewers of various cooked meats including leg of lamb, bbq pork ribs, bacon wrapped chicken and beef filets, sirloin, flank steak and more than I can possibly recall. The meats arrive one at a time, giving you time to sample each one before the next appears tableside. For sides, they bring to the table garlic mashed potatoes, sweet fried bananas, polenta cakes and Brazilian cheese bread; all of which are very good. Desert selections are scrumptious, and the tropical creme brulee had a touch of lime and tropical hints that made for a nice change of pace. I could go there for that and the chocolate cake. I even liked the Coconut pie; this coming from someone who doesn't like coconut speaks volumes. Overall, the food quality and atmosphere is nothing like the $19.95 all-u-can-eat buffets found throughout the south, and while the prices do reflect that difference, it's well worth the extra change. While it isn't on my personal Top 5 restaurants list, it's definitely a good place for an interesting dining experience. If anyone does leave hungry, the restaurant is hardly at fault. Maybe vegetarians will heed my advise and seek out other dining options.

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