Tuesday, July 18, 2006

New Links Added

If you look to the bottom of the list on the left, I've added some new links.

Trip Advisor is an excellent source for guidance on hotels and destinations in general. Rarely have I found the comments from previous travelers been misleading, so when there are 15 comments saying "This place was awful" it's worth taking note.

Google Maps - Good maps are essential for travel, and this is one place that will help you get from point A to point B without fuss. There's lots of other great software out there, and for the GPS inclined, you might check out one of these.

Arkansas State Parks - Supporting my home state probably isn't a bad thing. Plus, they have some really nice parks! I'll be visiting Mt. Magazine State Park soon, so you'll hear firsthand if it's good (or bad).

Kentucky State Parks - I've included Kentucky's parks because they are so beautiful and such an exceptional value. The cabins are very reasonably priced and while they are not 5-star accommodations, they are nicely appointed.

Blue Ridge Parkway - To satisfy your desire for beautiful scenery and a road trip all in one, this parkway is the destination.

Segway Tours - I just can't describe how entertaining it is to run around on a Segway, and with tours in lots of major cities, your opportunity may be on your next trip.

Do you know of any websites that are invaluable travel tools? Post a comment below and I'll add it to the list.

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