Saturday, July 15, 2006

What this blog is about...

I like to both cook and consume good food. I also like to travel. Whenever it's possible for those two joys to combine, you know I'm having a good day. This blog is my record of adventures in travel and tastes, with hopefully plenty of both.

I expect the majority of my travel will be in the US, focusing on the Southern US as it is the most convenient for me to explore. Chain restaurants have their place, so they might get the occasional mention here, they are not my real focus. I love finding those local gems down the lesser known road with the breathtaking view.

Maybe the next time you're in a small town like Waldenburg, Arkansas (population 80), you'll know that the Dairy Bar is worth the wait and that three days a week you can treat yourself to some of the best BBQ in the area. I'll also warn you that you should go on a day when you don't care how dirty your vehicle is because when you get back it will be worse.

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