Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dessert Discovery

Run, don't walk, to your nearest grocery store! Maybe you don't have to drop everything now, but you'll want to put this on your next grocery list to try.

This treat didn't require much traveling to find, just over to our neighbor's house for dessert. It was so good though I had to mention it here. I'm not an ice cream connoisseur but like any self-proclaimed "foodie" I can appreciate a good one; Haagen-Dazs has more than one winner with those I sampled this evening. The dulce de leche is fabulous on homemade brownies, which was my desert tonight. I think next time I'll be buying one of their new flavors, Mayan Chocolate. What makes this flavor so spectacular is that I really don't care for chocolate ice cream. This is a chocolate ice cream I could eat until the cows knock on the window and ask for a bowl too.

Usually for consumption at home I buy Blue Bell, a wonderful indulgence known mainly to those of us lucky enough to live in their delivery range. My dessert discovery tonight just might make me look a little further down the dairy case for a nice alternative next time.


HunneeJB said...

Thanks, Lorrie. Just what I needed. MORE ice cream flavors to try and stay away from! I already knew about the dulce de leche and have so far been successful in abstaining from it. But now you've thrown Myan chocolate in the mix.

I've just broken out into a sweat.

Lorrie said...

I just bought some of the Coffee ice cream (not for me, yuck!) and I also picked up their light Vanilla Bean. I haven't tried it yet but will post soon if it's worth the trip back to the store!