Thursday, August 03, 2006

Itching Powder

Staying busy this week and not traveling for a few days does two things for me. I can catch up on some needed rest in my own bed. While I'm resting, someone must sneak in and sprinkle a special itching powder labeled "desire to travel " all over my bedding. I wake up after a few days and I have this overwhelming itch to go somewhere new again.

If I'm successful convincing myself to leave the comforts of bed early enough Saturday morning, a trip toward Heber Springs, Arkansas is in my plans. The road there is fun, especially heading south from Mountain View, Arkansas. Highway 5 is the most direct, but Highway 9 seems to have that look on a map like a very active EKG strip. It leads you to loop around Greers Ferry Lake, which isn't a bad detour. What's so interesting in Heber Springs? I've got my eye on a couple of local restaurants that look appetizing, so it's off to lunch!

Next weekend it's off to sunny Nashville, Tennessee with friends to stay indoors thus avoiding the heat, consume good food and enjoy the entertainment. Host of the TV show "Good Eats", Alton Brown, will be the celebrity chef guest speaker and I hope to absorb some culinary knowledge from a guy who really seems to be one of the sharpest knives in the block.

Someone I know is traveling to St. Charles, Missouri this weekend so I have requested they make note of anything exceptional in the dining realm. I'll also be getting a report of the dining pleasures in Dallas from another friend. Hopefully both will have experiences to share that will make me want to put these two destinations onto the list of places to visit again soon.

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