Monday, August 14, 2006

More Details Soon

So when am I going to post about my trip to see Alton Brown in Nashville, Tennessee this past weekend? Never! Just kidding.
I'll have more pictures tomorrow so the details are coming soon. Until then, you'll just have to wonder about this slightly crazy (yet likely to win a Nobel Prize) contraption.
It includes:
a ladder
lots of rope
a $2.50 pulley (not to be confused with the $1.50 model)
flashing red emergency light
two fire extinguishers
a large sandbox
a pot
Peanut oil
and a few other items.

Sufficiently confused?


hunneejb said...

My guess would be for deep frying turkey? (more safely?)

Lorrie said...

Yes avoiding the whole turkey flying out at warp speed with flames shooting out one end was the desired effect of the apparatus.
He had pictures to demonstrate what happens to your house if you do this inside and the hot oil & cold water mix. FLAMES. LOTS of FLAMES.
Fire... heh heh. Not cool Bevis. Not cool at all.