Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cheese Anyone?

I've been enjoying another of my culinary related Christmas gifts lately, a 3 month subscription to the Cheese of the Month club from Bedford Cheese Shop.

The first of the three months selection arrived recently. They sent three cheeses, selected according to Bedford's website "based on seasonality, quality, ripeness and for the manner in which they complement one another." All three were very good, one of which I will definitely add to my regular cheese purchases. Here's a little bit about each of the three:

Brescianella Stagionata - This one was described as "for those who love some stinky ooze." That description, combined with the definitely pungent aroma of the cheese left my husband a strong reason to not just avoid tasting it, but to leave the kitchen altogether. He and a friend claim their olfactory senses haven't lead them wrong thus far, and they'll keep trusting their evaluation of the situation at hand. In small portions the scent is less noticeable, and this is truly one of the creamiest cheeses I've ever eaten. Despite some who won't override their sense of smell, anyone I've shared this with liked it.

Colston Bassett Stilton - The prettiest cheese of the bunch, I've been wanting to try a good English Stilton to compare to the basic blue cheeses I can get at the local grocery store. The resemblance ends with appearance. Maybe that's too harsh... but this does have a far superior taste over any blue cheese I've had in the past. It's great with crackers.

Raschera - My favorite of the three, this semi-firm cheese has a good flavor that goes well with anything. It melts nicely, I topped a pita with turkey and the cheese one day for lunch. I've already found that I can get this one via Amazon if not locally. Yea!

In my travels, I'm finding that more and more of the tasty eats can come to you. The internet certainly makes it possible to expand your palate with a minimal effort. Not to worry though, I'll remain always ready for a trip to find good food straight from the source.

PS Thanks to my hubby for the great gift!

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