Saturday, January 20, 2007

Got Milk?

Every week I buy two half half-gallons of milk. I drink skim and my husband drinks whole. I say whole is like drinking a milkshake; he says skim is water with white and blue food coloring. I suppose we are both right in our own way. He finally has decided to make the jump to go to skim. To make it easier to change, I suggested that I buy 2% next time and just work his way down to skim.

Then at the encouragement of friends, I purchased a different brand of milk this week, Horizon. Their fat free milk is some of the best tasting milk I've ever found. It doesn't have the blue hue that most skim has and the consistency is more like that of 1% or 2%. Even the finicky husband likes it. It is definitely more expensive than the Kroger brand I've been buying, but there are several benefits that make it worth the purchase. Besides the great taste, the expiration date is much later thus the milk I've been pouring out after it expired isn't likely to happen. Since we both like it, I can now buy one carton instead of two. Being labeled "organic" isn't a sudden blessing turning a food or substance instantly healthy, but I'll go on the idea with milk that a cow fed better food and not pumped full of steroids probably produces a milk that's better for me to drink.

I think I'll go have a glass of milk...

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