Friday, January 05, 2007

The Taste of 2007

Just when I get tired of eating the same old thing, over and over, I find an article talking about the McCormick(R) Flavor Forecast 2007. I know there's the weather forecast, which is only mostly reliable in the next hour, but a flavor forecast?

What is on this forecast? Will it be something I'd ever eat? I'll let you decide.
The top 10 flavor pairings of 2007 are:

• Clove and Green Apple
• Thyme and Tangerine
• Tellicherry Black Pepper and Berry
• Sea Salt and Smoked Tea
• Lavender and Honey
• Crystallized Ginger and Salted Pistachio
• Cumin and Apricot
• Toasted Mustard and Fennel Seeds
• Wasabi and Maple
• Caramelized Garlic and Riesling Vinegar

I could try some of the list, but there are a few that I think maybe not. I'm wonder how many restaurants use this to influence their menus as they develop new items for the coming year. Somehow I'm not visualizing the McDonald's test kitchens producing a new "Cumin and Apricot Big 'n Tasty." Picture the guys having lunch at Big Bubba's BBQ, "Hey Jimmy, pass me that new Lavender and Honey sauce, it adds just the right earthy sweetness to balance the smoky flavor of the meat."

I'm all in favor of creativity, but sometimes it takes a little faith and closing your eyes to try something new.

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