Thursday, January 11, 2007

Weather and Travel

I would love to go somewhere exciting this weekend, but with the weather forecast indicating enough rain to make me purchase ark-building materials, I think I'll stay home and see what experimental dishes arise from my kitchen.

Yesterday I stopped in at one of the best BBQ restaurants I've found anywhere, The Rib Crib. It's a smaller chain located in about eight states; the location I visited is in Searcy, Arkansas. What makes them unique to me is that they don't simply offer Pulled Pork and Beef Brisket, plated in 15 million different ways. Included on the menu besides the two classic standbys are two types of chicken, smoked turkey, smoked ham, ribs, polish sausage and even bologna. I haven't found anything bad on the menu, and after a few visits I can say the service is top-notch too.

(A "Create your own dinner" of brisket and pulled pork is what's shown here, not including the side items, from which there are plenty to choose. )

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